嶋田照男 株式会社ICD 代表取締役
NPO法人日本を元気にする会 理事長
Terry Shimada Terry Shimada is the president of Investigation of Crisis and Defense, Inc., who specializes in the investigation and the study of enterprises not only in Japan but in the U.S.A., or some other countries like Turkey and Russia, utilizing his own networks with the employer’s association in foreign countries.
I大佐 /
Colonel I
経営コンサルタント 元米国陸軍大佐、元外資系大手金融機関社長。豊富な経験と人脈やネットワークの広さから、日本だけでなく海外への事業進出や事業展開のサポートができる。
He is a management consultant, specializing overseas-related business activities such as business expansion around the world by utilizing his business experience and power of networking obtained when he was the Colonel of the American Army and the president of one of the greatest investment institutions in the world.
Colonel G
弁護士 米国海兵隊大佐 元大手外資系金融機関取締役。米国におけるマネーロンダリング研究の第一人者
He is the Colonel of the American Marine Corp. and used to be a director of the famous foreign financial institution. Moreover, he is the leading authority of anti-money laundering in the USA.
Both of the Colonels above have global-leveled power of networking.
Administrative scrivener I
法律事務所 警察庁・警視庁勤務での経験を生かし、企業としての登録や認可問題、コンプライアンスやについて、また外国人経営者の経営課題や外国人労働者の採用についてアドバイスやサポートを行う。
He is an administrative scrivener specializing documentations such as incorporation procedures, compliance related matters and supports for the foreign managers in respect of recruiting foreign workers in Japan.